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Come As You Are Summit - Hosted by Desires Laid Bare - Desires Laid Bare - Kink and BDSM for Beginners

Ready to unapologetically be the person you were meant to be, inside and out?

It’s time to own your sexuality so that you can be the most unapologetic and confident YOU.

Come As You Are is the online summit that gives you the tools and guidance to show up as exactly you, free of past expectations, shame, and assumptions, so that you can thrive in your life. You’ll learn how to challenge what you’ve been taught about sexuality and how to put it back together in a way that makes sense for you. We’re here to show you that the only “normal” when it comes to sexuality is diversity.


April 20-22, 2018


Meet Your Come As You Are Summit ’18 Speakers:

Megan Ashley

Blogger + Podcaster

Rebecca Graves

Potter + Small Biz Consultant

Marcella Lyles

Sexuality Educator + Relationship Coach


ER Nurse, Sex Educating Drag Nun

Amy Baldwin

Sex + Relationship Coach

Kalah Hill

Freedom Doula

Adam Maurer, LMFT, LPC

Marriage and Family Therapist + Licensed Professional Counselor

Veronica Yanhs

Kink + BDSM Educator for Beginners

Chrystal Bougon

Curvy Girl + Hot Sex Ambassador

Goody Howard


Melissa Pintor Carnagey

Sex-Positive Parent Educator

Jimanekia Eborn

Sex Educator + Trauma Specialist

Kristin Iris

Creativity Mentor + Speaker

Sabrina Torres

Social Media Marketer


Virtual Summit Agenda:

Day 1 — Thrive Free + Confident in: Your Sensuality

Marcella Lyles
The Importance of Sexuality Education

Kristin Iris
Breaking Your Oppressive Conditioning by Feeling In Your Body

Jimanekia Eborn
Reconnecting with your sexuality after trauma

Rebecca Graves
Happiness Lies In Your Own Hands: The Journey of a Maker

Adam Maurer
Where Galaxies Meet: The Intersection Of Gender And Sexuality

Veronica Yanhs:
Have Your Cake and Play with It, Too: An Introduction to Owning Your Sexuality With Food

Goody Howard
Loving Oral Sex

God Told Me, “It’s OK to be Gay”

Day 2 — Thrive Free + Confident in: Your Connections + Relationships

Amy Baldwin
Reclaiming Your Desire and How To Ask For It

Melissa Carnagey
Sex-Positive Parenting

Kristin Iris
Your Sexual Self, Your Creative Power

Goody Howard
Love Languages and Sex

Chrystal Bougon
Hot Sex and the Curvy Girl: Sex toys and Positions

Veronica Yanhs
Confident, Empowered, and Unapologetic: The Transformative Power of Kink

Goody Howard
How to Bring Toys into the Bedroom

Day 3 — Thrive Free + Confident in: Your Purpose in Life

Sabrina Torres
Coming Out and Stepping Up

Megan Ashley
Finding Your Way Out of Darkness

Jimanekia Eborn
Life After Trauma

Kalah Hill
Pussy Consciousness

Adam Maurer
Managing Mental Health Through Alternative Sexuality

D Marcella Lyles
Sexual Justice

Acceptance, Self Love, and the End of Queer Fury

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning:

  • What it means to step into your sexuality and what sexuality education is
  • How sex-positive parenting begins with you and your sexuality
  • Seeing play and fun through a different lens with kink and BDSM
  • Stepping into your sexuality after experiencing trauma
  • Re-shaping your experiences with religion and making peace
  • Understanding how your mental health plays into your sexuality
  • How to navigate the world of gender fluidity
  • Techniques for having amazing sex, especially if you’re curvy
  • How to get clear on your desires and then how to ask for it
  • And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this summit for?

This summit is for people who are ready to unapologetically step into who they are meant to be, inside and out. It doesn’t matter if sexuality is something that’s new to you, or you’ve explored before, you’re guaranteed to walk away inspired and in power!

Is this summit online or in-person?

For 2018, this summit will be online!

We can only imagine what fun and shenanigans we’ll get into when this becomes an in-person summit!

How do I get access to the sessions and other content?

Once you register, you’ll be taken inside the Desires Laid Bare membership site, where the pre-recorded sessions and other supplemental content will be. The sessions will be made live each day at 7am PDT // 10am EDT.

Is there a way to interact with the summit speakers and attendees?

Absolutely! There will be a Facebook group in which the attendees and speakers will be able to start and continue conversations started from the sessions!

Hey! I’m Veronica Yanhs, host of the Come As You Are Summit.

Kink and BDSM Educator for Beginners at Desires Laid Bare


I created this summit because I believe in the power of what owning your sexuality does to all areas of your life. Specifically, for me, I found my sexuality through kink and BDSM. Giving myself the permission to explore set me on this path to be the most badass, unapologetic, and confident version of myself. I took more risks in my life, relationships, and my business. I stood up for what I believed in. I know how much I matter and ask for what I want. There’s this immensely peaceful feeling of showing up as exactly me. I wanted to find a way for other people, like you, to experience the confidence, joy, and freedom I felt from owning my sexuality. Hence, the Come As You Are Summit was born.

Learn more about stepping into your sexuality and power through kink and BDSM here.