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What does living a kink lifestyle mean?

The difference between someone living a kink lifestyle versus another person who’s not is not how much you engage in kinky activities in or out of the bedroom. It’s more to do with how much you integrate the kink way of life into your life. Generally, that means people who live the kink lifestyle tend to be more involved, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

By definition, a lifestyle is the interests, behaviors, and opinions of an important and individual or group.

Does it mean they’re having more kinky sex or getting tied up more? Not necessarily. But it’s not the point. It’s more an integration of the beliefs and interests and mindset acceptance than anything.

Take other lifestyles for example: you can work out 10 times a day and not live an active lifestyle. You can minimal things in your household, but may not live the minimalist lifestyle. Each lifestyle is so more than the physicalities.


What does living a kink lifestyle look like?

Well, like much of the kink world, it depends on what you’re into or not into. Here are some (very limited) examples of what it means to live a kink lifestyle:

  • You shift from primarily using kink as a means of spicing up your sex life and start exploring ways it can fulfill you non-sexually.
  • You have a desire to explore Dominance/submission in your relationship outside the bedroom.
  • You have an inkling to meet other kinksters in a non-dungeon setting.
  • You want to see how kink and BDSM can change your life and your partner(s)’ for the better
  • You’re interested in integrating kink long-term into your life
  • You begin to apply kink philosophies and beliefs to other areas of your life
  • It feels like this is a natural progression
  • You feel a sense of liberation and freedom, or a weight lifted off your shoulders
  • You believe that you are living a kink lifestyle, mindset #FTW!


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How to start living a kink lifestyle

If you’re ready to take your kink exploration one step further, here are the basics that you should consider to begin:

  • Talk to the person/people you’re interested in taking this to the next level with to make sure that they are interested, too.
  • Come up with a game plan and goals: what are some things you’d like to explore further? Get specific!
  • Have regular check-ins to make sure this is what you both want.
  • Find people you trust to share your journey with. They don’t have to participate, but having supportive friends goes a LONG way.


There are lots of ways to begin diving deeper into what you might already be doing. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There’s no right or wrong way to do this, per se. There’s always a safe, empowered, and educated way. By all means, you don’t have to live the kink lifestyle if you don’t want to in order to be happy. This is really dependent on what you (and your partner/s) need to feel fulfilled.