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Step into who you really are.

That's the secret to being happy and fulfilled.

Step into who you really are.

That’s the secret to being happy and fulfilled.

Have you ever…

Wanted to kick up the spice level in your relationship, but were afraid to ask for what you really wanted?

Obsessively replayed the sex scenes from 50 Shades of Grey over and over again in your mind, secretly yearning to be dominated yourself?

Wanted to bring some kinky play into your sex life, but didn’t know how or where to start?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


That's how I discovered I was kinky.



That’s how I discovered I was kinky.

Remember that scene where Jasmine is captured, shackled, and thrown into an hourglass?

At four years old, that was my first fantasy. I was too young to know anything about sex, never mind kink, but as I sat glued to the screen, watching Jasmine’s clothing change from blue to red, from princess to prisoner, something…clicked.

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we all have a bit of kink inside of us. Kink is what we respond to, what we replay incessantly in our minds, what we desire but are wary of sharing with others because that would make us, well, weird, right? Popular books and movies (Aladdin for me) don’t make us kinky, but they sometimes give us inspiration upon which our imaginations and desires build.

I watched that Jasmine-in-the-hourglass scene so many times, and without being able to say why, I knew what I wanted. What I wanted never went away; it only grew. It grew until, one day, I decided I was ready to stop fantasizing and begin to explore my desires.

Stop fantasizing. Start exploring.

Ready to take your first step?


Stop fantasizing. Start exploring.

Ready to take your first step?

Hi! I’m Veronica Yanhs, founder of Desires Laid Bare, the only private membership experience where you can ask questions and learn about kink in a welcoming and supportive environment that resonates with you.

I have learned from my own kink journey that to live my most vibrant and unapologetic life means giving myself permission to explore and pursue my own desires. However, I first had to confront and eliminate the stereotypes and myths surrounding kink and being kinky. I wanted to keep my explorations about me and what felt right, not some media-biased cliché about what kink was supposed to look like.


When I allowed myself to pursue my own kink journey, I realized something: I learned to be vulnerable. I stepped free of guilt and shame and fear. My masks fell away.


In short, I was laid bare so I could become more fully, more completely me.

I believe there is something beautiful about helping people who are on the brink of kink in a way that sets them up for success. I began Desires Laid Bare for this reason, to offer a guided experience into the world of kink.


The phrase Laid Bare is foundational; it explains why I do what I do. It’s so important for me to show up as me, to face that, in every part of my life, I’ve hidden something major, and have worn numerous masks. I’ve discovered, and want clients to discover, that stripping away the layers you don’t need that society/family/friends, and even yourself have laid on you, is central. Honoring all sides of you, the nakedness of soul and not just the body will bring you to a place where you can thrive. How can you thrive under those layers? This is what Desires Laid Bare is about.


I wholeheartedly believe that while there is no one way to explore your kinky side, there is a safe and responsible you way. This belief underlies everything Desires Laid Bare offers its clients, from a confidential, one-on-one, guided experience into the world of kink, to a community where people on similar journeys can connect.

What if you’re ready to stop fantasizing and explore your desires?

Google “how to be kinky” and you will turn up over four million hits. You could spend hours exploring, but chances are you won’t end up much further ahead than where you started. At best, you might have a lot of information and a few new fantasies. At worst, you could develop a misinformed misconception, and learn how to do something the wrong and harmful way. Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a game plan for moving forward.


Ditch the confusion. Get the information you can trust. Put your plan into action.

I help people learn how to express themselves, and their kink, in a safe, confident, and fun way, so they can gain a new level of fulfillment, both inside and outside of the bedroom.


I want to help you put an end to self-judgment, shame, and stigma.


At Desires Laid Bare, you can explore your most secret desires, and learn to integrate kink into your life in a way that feels good to you: mind, body, and heart.

“Veronica is amazing! After speaking with her, I talked to my husband about kink and I would have never done it before. This is the beginning of something beautiful, and it all started with me stepping out of my comfort zone.” -Lenora

Here’s what your Desires Laid Bare membership includes:

Private and interactive community forum


Live workshops and classes


Monthly live Q&A calls


Resource library full of guides, checklists, and more


All audio and video classes and content


Exclusive behind-the-scenes content


Community. Courses. Coaching.

A one-of-a-kind experience.


Community. Courses. Coaching.

A one-of-a-kind experience.

Desires Laid Bare is a membership experience that helps people gain confidence and courage to explore kink in a welcoming, fun, and non-judgmental way.

Expert mentorship and guidance

As a long-standing member of the kink community, I love to share my knowledge and help beginners celebrate and embrace kink. I, along with guest experts, host live Q&A calls and workshops, and are available in the forum to answer questions and engage in conversation on all things kink.

A supportive community of like-minded, kink-curious people

It’s important to know you are not alone in your kink journey. Desires Laid Bare provides a safe gathering space to connect, learn, and share with others as you begin to live with unapologetic freedom. You will find judgment-free support as you learn to claim what you desire.

Actionable learning opportunities

Each month, you receive access to succinct, structured e-courses, content, and resources on kink topics you can integrate into your life. Course materials include supplementary worksheets, checklists, reference guides, and more, all designed to fully immerse you in that month’s topic.

What does it mean to be kinky anyways?

Everybody defines kink in their own way, but for me, kink is about embracing and exploring your sexuality and relationships in ways that go against the grain of societal expectations. At Desires Laid Bare, kink is the entry point as you explore mind, body, and heart in alignment with others.

Here’s what fellow DLB members say about what being kinky means to them:

Being kinky means being able to lean over to your partner at the end of a long day when the kids are in bed, take her hand and say, “I love that you’re just as much a freak as I am. That makes me happy.” 


“Being kinky is going out at 2 am jogging nude!”


“To know what turns me on and what doesn’t and to find the words and ways to articulate this to men I date in a way that is inviting and fun.”


“Being kinky for me is about the ability to express myself by exploring what is exciting for me: my partner consensually giving me control over her mind, body, and soul.”


“It means to be free of judgment and ability to express your desires, wants, fantasies, and even fears.”


“To me… playfulness!!! Dropping your guard, being vulnerable, saying what you want, trying things at least once, not judging, being open but happily clear on your boundaries. Naughty but always fun!”


It means being open, sexually and otherwise, to new experiences and ways of being.”


Are you ready? Join Desires Laid Bare and:

  • Gain confidence to pursue what you want.
  • Learn about the toys, methods, and tools in the kink pleasure chest.
  • Unleash yourself. Take action. Fulfill your hidden fantasies and desires.
  • Explore kink in a safe and fun way, without shame, guilt, or embarrassment.
  • Create strong connections with your partner, your mentor, and your kink community.

Exploring kink for good (causes)!

Every quarter, Desires Laid Bare makes a donation to organizations that empower women to take control of their bodies and their lives. These organizations include Planned Parenthood, domestic violence shelters, and organizations that work to end female genital mutilation.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

How much does membership cost?

The introductory rate for founding members is only $29/month. Sign up now and you’ll pay that rate forever.

Wouldn’t Google tell me everything I need to know about kink?

Google “how to be kinky” and you will turn up over four million hits. You could spend a few hours exploring, but chances are you won’t end up much further ahead than where you started. At best, you might have a lot of information and a few new fantasies. At worst, you could develop a misinformed or even dangerous misconception. Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a game plan for moving forward.

Desires Laid Bare offers more than Googled info. I, your kink tour guide, offer a safe and gentle introduction to the world of kink. In this private and supportive space, we build community, connection, and confidence together.

What if someone discovers I’m a member of Desires Laid Bare?

Unless you tell them, they won’t. Desires Laid Bare has strong privacy settings in place to protect you. The community is built on trust and a mutual understanding that what happens in the Playground stays in the Playground.

How will Desires Laid Bare show up as a transaction?

Your privacy is the most important thing to us. Desires Laid Bare will show up as a transaction labeled BLB, LLC (for the parent company, Be Laid Bare).

Is Desires Laid Bare a porn site?

Absolutely not! Desires Laid Bare is a place for you to learn, grow and explore kink. You won’t have to worry about porn popups. You’ll be able to interact on the site with your toddler running around and not having to minimize the screen every time they prance by.

Is Desires Laid Bare open to all relationship types?

Yes! Single, dating, or married; monogamous or poly; straight or LGBTQ. All are welcome!

What if I want to cancel my membership? Can I get a refund?

While there are no refunds for any membership payments already made, membership can be cancelled at any time with payments stopped at the time of cancellation. Access to any membership related material or activities ends at time of cancellation.

“It’s actually kind of freeing for me… I never ever talk about kink, I only told my best friend once. Talking with Veronica has helped me bring up things to my significant other that I was missing in our relationship.”  -Sabrina