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Hey! I’m Veronica, your kinky tour guide.

What is The Playground?

Desires Laid Bare’s mission is to help beginners and the curious-minded explore kink and BDSM in a fun, easy, and accessible way. #kinkytourguide

Which means creating educational and actionable content with integrity is non-negotiable.

No more worrying if the information you’ve found on Google is safe, reputable, and trustworthy.

It’s time to put your worries aside, so that you can safely explore, play, and be free.

Welcome to The Playground.

What’s Included?

The Playground’s online collection includes audio, video, and text resources (worksheets and blog posts) to help you on your kink journey in the most guided way including:


  • How Your House is already a treasure trove of kinky toys available for safe play
  • Introduction to Bondage
  • Getting started with Dominance/submission
  • Communicating your kinky desires with your partners and loved ones
  • The A-Z of kinky terminology
  • Interviews with trusted kinksters on how they got started with kink
  • …and more!

All content is accessible through your computer and mobile devices, so long as you have access to the Internet!

Exploring your kinky curiosities shouldn’t have to be met with the fear of someone walking up to you from behind or quickly minimizing your screen away in panic.

The Playground was designed to give you the best content without the need to be sexually explicit or suggestive. We’re pretty sure you can create that for yourself 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does The Playground cost?

We believe in making kink accessible in every way, that includes the cost. The Playground membership is $10/month. You have the option to pay for a yearly pass at $100/year (2 months free!).

Won't Google tell me everything I need to know about kink and BDSM?

Google “how to be kinky” and you will turn up over four million hits. You could spend a few hours exploring, but chances are you won’t end up much further ahead than where you started. At best, you might have a lot of information and a few new fantasies. At worst, you could develop a misinformed or even dangerous misconception. Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a game plan for moving forward.

Desires Laid Bare offers more than Googled info. I, your kink tour guide, offer a safe and gentle introduction to the world of kink. In this private and supportive space, we build community, connection, and confidence together.

What if someone discovers that I'm a member of The Playground?

Unless you tell them, they won’t. Desires Laid Bare has strong privacy settings in place to protect you. The community is built on trust and a mutual understanding that what happens in the Playground stays in the Playground.

How will The Playground show up as a transaction?

Your privacy is the most important thing to us. Desires Laid Bare will show up as a transaction labeled BLB, LLC (for the parent company, Be Laid Bare).

Is The Playground a porn site?

Absolutely not! Desires Laid Bare is a place for you to learn, grow and explore kink. You won’t have to worry about porn popups. You’ll be able to interact on the site with your toddler running around and not having to minimize the screen every time they prance by.

Is The Playground open to all relationship types?

Yes! Single, dating, or married; monogamous or poly; straight or LGBTQ. All are welcome!