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Passion. It’s a funny thing.

All my life I’ve had my teachers, mentors, friends, and family tell me to find my passion and to follow it. And then, when push comes to shove, sometimes that passion is put on hold in favor of doing something that’s financially “smart”, even if it’s the exact opposite of what you’re passionate about.

Talk about straddling the fence, right? It’s just like how I was raised: traditionally Chinese at home, and full-on American outside of it. Let me tell you, these two cultures are literally exact opposites of each other. Conflicting and competing values and priorities have been a constant all my life, from toddlerhood, throughout my time in college at Stanford University, and into my “adult life”, pulling me in opposite directions.

But it is because of these conflicts that have allowed me to take a stand for what’s important to me. It was my way of declaring to myself and to the world what I stood for. If I didn’t, it would mean that for the rest of my life, I’d be living for other people.

Why am I bringing this up? And what does this have to do with passion? I realized that I couldn’t fully give myself permission and hold the space to pursue, let alone figure out, what my passions were, until I stopped letting myself be pulled into different directions, either out of obligations, cultural upbringings, and/or financial decisions.


I had to be one.

So, what aspects of Veronica were being pulled in opposite directions? I had my ambitious, Type-A, INTJ side who loved to be in control and successful, hungry for making something of myself. Then, there was the other incredibly personal and vulnerable side, where I immensely desired to kneel and submit to someone, my Dominant, and relinquish all control, decision-making, and power to.

I knew I was kinky and submissive before I was 10 years old. But, it wasn’t until college did I really understand what I had desired. When I discovered what it meant for me to be submissive, I was also taking a Feminist Studies 101 class. Talk about more ambivalence, eh? Oh, submission and feminism…oh we’ll be getting into that later.

I was afraid of what my friends, mentors, and family would think of me. I tried to ignore the submissive within. It wasn’t until after college did I start seeking to fulfill my needs in earnest (by entering the kink community in Portland, Oregon). Finding out that I wasn’t alone in having the feelings and thoughts I had, that I wasn’t weird or damaged, and then just living life as all of me helped me make sense and peace with all the internal struggles I previously had.


So, what’s the purpose of this blog?

This is my platform to write about everything I feel about kink and BDSM as a woman, CEO, feminist, and submissive living this lifestyle for real. And sometimes, it’ll be mixed with some journaling style entries where I just write. I’m heavily involved in my local kink community. I’m also completely committed to my partner…my Dominant, whom I call Sir. He’s the Dominant I’ve been looking for; the one I deem strong enough to submit to; the one who chooses to have me submit exactly as I am: strong, confident, sassy, playful, powerful.


I’m laying myself bare, specifically my desires.


Desires. Kink. Ambition. BDSM. Submission. Business owner. Feminism. Sexual curiosities, awakenings, and satisfaction. Freedom. Control. All of these aspects that make up me have swirled amazingly into what I’m passionate about: empowering and teaching people take their (sexual and kinky) happiness into their own hands.


At Desires Laid Bare, I’m here to help people begin their journey into exploring kink and BDSM in a fun, healthy, open, and safe way while surrounded by a loving and supportive community of members who are just like them going on this journey together.


Only interested in adding a spice of kink into your sex life? Desires Laid Bare has got you covered.

Interested in exploring how to live the lifestyle of Dominance and submission outside of your bedroom as well? You’re in the right place.

Fifty Shades of Grey sparked something inside of you to explore what it’s like to be dominated? We’ll teach you how to get this desire satisfied.

So, hello again. I’m Veronica, Founder and CEO of Desires Laid Bare. And, I’m my partner’s submissive.

Welcome to Desires Laid Bare.