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You know you’ve got questions.

Questions that you’ve always wanted to ask someone, but you wouldn’t dare to. Questions that you’ve tried to find the answers to yourself on the Internet, but then get tons of different and often conflicting responses. Questions that are so personal, that the thought of them leaving your lips leaves a lump in your throat.

Well, I’ve got you covered. 

Ask the Sub is a weekly video series that answers your most sensitive questions about sex, kink, BDSM, and life…yes, by someone who lives this lifestyle 24/7.

  • Your hoo-ha smellin’ a bit different and you’re wondering what to do about it?
  • Your husband asking you questions that leave you wondering if he’s even…straight?
  • Wondering what your first dungeon experience will be like?
  • …and oh, so much more

No questions are off-limits.

No questions are too gross or inappropriate. Chances are, if you’re thinking about it, someone else is, too. So, do us all a favor and submit your questions in the form below.

First episode is coming Wednesday, January 11th!

Ask the Sub: Can I be feminist and submissive?

Ask the Sub: Can I be feminist and submissive?

Hi Veronica, I'm feeling really conflicted lately. I feel like I have submissive tendencies, but at the same time, I'm a hardcore feminist. Is it possible to be both? How do I reconcile these feelings of ambivalence? Thanks, Frazzled Femininst This question hits home...

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Ask the Sub: Can you get STIs from sharing sex toys?

Ask the Sub: Can you get STIs from sharing sex toys?

“Hi Veronica, I love incorporating toys when I have sex, especially dildos and vibrators. I also enjoy having sex with multiple partners #varietyFTW. All my partners and I get tested regularly. But just wondering, is it possible to get STIs from sharing dildos?...

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Ask the Sub: Husband + Butt Plug = Gay?

Ask the Sub: Husband + Butt Plug = Gay?

“Hi Veronica, Thank you for having your Ask the Sub segment. I’ve been wanting to ask someone this question for a while now, but the thought of actually voicing it scares me. Here goes: I’ve been married to my husband for 9 years, and we’re very happy together. The...

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Will my name and email be visible in the videos?
Nope! Absolutely not. Your privacy is most important to us, so that’s kept nice and tucked away.
Will there ever be a "Ask the Dom" section?
You never know, only time will tell.
Will there be swearing?
Most likely yes; it’s hard to say for sure, since these videos will be unfiltered.