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Hey, I'm Veronica.

I help people explore kink in a fun, easy, and accessible way.

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Hey, I’m Veronica.

I help people explore kink in a guided, safe, and non-intimidating way.

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What stage are you at in the kink/BDSM spectrum?

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I’m curious with the desire to explore.


I’m a novice who desires more.



I’m an enthusiast who desires fresh perspectives.

You know what got me into kink

when I was 4 years old?



So, let me just say that I get you.

Whatever feeling you’re having towards kink that might not be the most positive…I get it.


Those feelings of insecurity or worrying if you’re weird or if something’s wrong with you…I get it.


Those feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment that’s keeping you from wanting to explore, even though kink is something you’d love to try…I get it.


I’m here to shift that. To take something so raw, unknown, and personal, like kink, and shape it into something soul-satisfying and life-changing for you in all the best ways.

Yep, I’m tying mindset along with the physical in kink.


I mean, Disney of all things got me into exploring kink, even though I had no idea what kink, let alone sex was, at the time.


I’m here to help you, guide you, and support you in your kink journey, whether you’re at square 0 or have been exploring for years.

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There’s no other experience like this.

Desires Laid Bare’s mission is to help curious beginners, like you, explore kink in a fun, easy, and accessible way.

Expert mentorship and guidance

No more Googling your days away. Real answers and guidance from experts you can trust.

Supportive community of like-minded people

Safe gathering space to connect, learn, and share with others as you begin to live with unapologetic freedom, judgment-free.

Actionable learning opportunities

Access to succinct, structured content, courses, resources, interviews, downloadables and more.

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